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RV Port Home Removal Application
This form is to be completed and submitted to the Design Review Committee for approval to reside in an RV Port Home (previously described as Arizona Room Home) without an approved Recreational Vehicle.  SEE BELOW FOR RV PORT HOMEOWNER AGREEMENT.
  1. In order to reside in an RV Port Home without an HT approved RV, the property/Lot owner must submit an application to the Design Review Committee for consideration and/or approval.
  2. All vehicles utilizing the RV Port Space must be registered to the Lot owners.  The Lot owners may allow other Lot owners to temporarily store their vehicles in the RV Space if a “PRIVATE PROPERTY PARKING NOTIFICATION” form is submitted to the HTCA Office.
  3. Once an RV Removal Application form is approved by the Design Review Committee and the Lot owner’s registered RV is removed; no other RV’s will be allowed to utilize the RV Port Space except for temporary storage as described above and/or for a guest’s RV for 14 days as allowed by the Rules and Regulations of the Association.
  4. The following vehicles will be prohibited from being parked or stored on RV Port Home Lot: Cargo, utility and golf trailers, 3 or 4 wheel ATV’s; boats and boat trailers, car dollies or any vehicles which are not maintained in thoroughly excellent, like new condition.  This means the vehicles(s) must look new, are free of rust and needs no re-conditioning.
  5. Other prohibited vehicles also include those listed on pg. 4 – 5.3 of the Happy Trails Association Rules and Regulations under Prohibited Vehicles.
  6. Other than parking occupant’s registered vehicles in the space previously occupied by the RV, any additions and/or improvements to that space must be approved by the Design Review Committee.  (Example of additions/improvements are not limited to, but may include outside patio furniture, outside kitchen facilities, Rubbermaid storage sheds, Jacuzzis, etc.)
  7. The RV Port Home Lot owner agrees to keep the space previously occupied by the RV in a neat and clutter free appearance.  This includes anything that would detract from the general appearance of the Resort.
  8. In order for the Design Review Committee to approve this ‘RV Removal Application’, the owner agrees to be in good standing with the association.  This shall include correcting any outstanding fines, fees and/or violations.  The owner agrees to allow Happy Trails Compliance Officers (at their discretion) to inspect the property inside and out prior to approval.
  9. After this application is approved by the Design Review Committee, the property owner agrees to remain in good standing with the association.  Prior to the transfer of ownership, the owner agrees to return the RV Port Space to its original intent, with the exception of any improvements approved by the Design Review Committee and/or HT Compliance Office.