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Chuckwagon Restaurant
Chuckwagon Manager: Maggie Brown

Chuckwagon Volunteer Coordinator: Becky Wells

The Chuckwagon is OPEN for breakfast Monday - Saturday from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM. 

Please click HERE to view the Breakfast Menu.

The Chuckwagon is OPEN for lunch Monday - Friday from 11:30 - 1:00 PM.

The full Lunch Menu Chuckwagon Lunch Menu feature Soups, Salads and Sandwiches.
  • CARRY OUT… call 602-489-3885 to place your order. Pick up at the front area of the Chuckwagon.

  • DINE IN... with limited seating.



We are very excited to open and have many surprises in store as the year progresses.  However, none of this will happen if we do not get volunteers.  We have lost a major portion of our volunteers with the problems of the Canadians not returning so it is very important that we all step up to help. 

We have created new positions to accommodate all the rules governed by the CDC and Maricopa County and eliminated some positions that we will no longer need in this “new normal”. 

Gather your friends to help us.  Remember without volunteers we will lose the Chuckwagon and we must all comply with the rules of CDC and Maricopa County.

If you would like to help. please send me an email with what you would be interested in doing, breakfast or lunch, your restrictions and I will contact you.  Send emails to  If you do not do email then call and leave a message at 623-975-4702.

Hoping to hear from you real soon!

Becky Wells
Chuckwagon Volunteer Coordinator


Hi! This is your new Chuckwagon Manager, Maggie Brown. I wanted to give you a sneak peek into the excitement going on in your local eatery.

First of all, sharing photos of the Kitchen renovations with new ceiling tiles through the entire cooking area and storeroom, with fresh soft yellow paint on the walls, and new countertops for an expanded prep area for our workstations.

We are hoping to open soon while adhering to the CDC Health Regulations. We will keep the safety and health issues addressed by the following methods:
  1. Airless spraying all surfaces of the work stations, eating areas and clean up areas.
  2. Social Distancing by utilizing our seating in the Dining Room to adhere to the requirements of spacing in Diners.
  3. Masking or shield wearing equipment along with gloves, aprons and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as necessary.
  4. Health monitoring of all staff, volunteers and paid workers.
  5. Proper packaging of meals prepared and then served as take out meals.
Hope to see you again soon in the Chuckwagon!

Sign Up to volunteer for the Chuckwagon in the Activities Information Room or email Becky Wells at You may specify your hours and your choice of tasks. We need help in all areas. Thank you.

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