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Welcome Renters!

Happy Trails welcomes thousands of travelers every year who choose to rent an RV Lot, a park model, villa, or one of the many other types of residences in the Resort... We welcome all of you!

Find important information on the Renters First Things First page.

All residents at Happy Trails, both owners and renters, may use the facilities, join clubs, purchase tickets to our fabulous shows in the Performing Arts Center, participate in social events, and become involved in our community. We hope that your first stay convinces you to come again and again, perhaps even to buy a Lot of your own.

Happy Trails is known for its friendly, welcoming lifestyle. You’ll see your neighbors out and about — don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. Consider hosting a happy hour or coffee and doughnuts get-together at your Lot so that you can meet your neighbors. Life’s too short! Seize the day!

Upon arrival at the Front Gate you will receive a colored fold out brochure with a map inside. 
There are also two handouts, one with pertinent information to get you started and point you to this website where you will find an online Renter Packet (which is below). The second is a handout from the Patrol Gate for registering visitors coming in to see you while you are in Happy Trails by either the Gate Guest Reservation Form or online per the instructions.

Renter Welcome Packet:

Renter FAQ Sheet

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